Day 15: describe your plans for the future
Posted on December 4th

I’m completely clueless about what I want to do in the future. I know I want to go to a 4 year college, possibly take a year abroad if possible. As for the college, I don’t exactly know where I could get into at the moment, but I know I want to go somewhere on the east coast. What I am really uncertain about is what I want to have as my career, I know I’m not going into anything math/science related but other than that I’m lost.

Day 14: your greatest fear
Posted on December 4th

I’m going to sound completely chiché girl here, but I am terrified of spiders. I can’t handle them, it’s something about the 8 legs that just freaks me out. I’m going to end with that because even talking about them gives me the creeps.

Day 13: a sentimental item and the story behind it
Posted on December 3rd

not many of my items would qualify as sentimental, and i don’t think my computer would really qualify for this. besides phone/laptop, my favorite item would be my tiffanys necklace. i got it for christmas a couple years ago and i have worn it basically since.

Day 12: what’s in your bag?
Posted on December 1st

When I do have a purse with me it is generally a satchel, and inside it I normally have my phone, wallet, headphones, glasses, and gum.

Day 11: something about you that would surprise others
Posted on November 30th

I am an extremely loud person around people I’m comfortable with. People around school that I’m not really close with characterize me as quiet, which I find really annoying because I’m honestly not a quiet person. I just don’t really put myself out there around people I don’t know, which I am trying to change.

Day 10: something you recently bought/recieved
Posted on November 29th

over the break my friends and i tie dyed crewnecks, and it turned out way better than i expected. it was fairly cheap, too, i only had to pay about 10 bucks total.

Day 9: favorite books, movies, shows and songs
Posted on November 28th

For books, my all time favorite would have to be Harry Potter of course. I also quite enjoy the Hunger Games trilogy, the Blue Bloods series, the Uglies trilogy, anything by Sarah Dessen, the Au Pairs series, the Outsiders, the Last Song, etc etc. I’m a huge reader.

I don’t have one favorite movie, but of course again all eight of the Harry Potter movies, The Notebook, Remember Me, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Water for Elephants, Inception, and more.

My all time favorite tv show has to be the Vampire Diaries, and after that would be Gossip Girl, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, the Secret Circle, The Big Bang Theory, Awkward, That 70’s Show, Gilmore Girls, etc. I watch too much tv.

My music taste constantly shifts, but at the moment I’m really enjoying all Coldplay (Paradise especially), Vampire Weekend, Pheonix, Ellie Goulding, and more. My favorite song at the moment would be A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope, but my all time favorite song is Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin

Day 8: five places you want to visit and why
Posted on November 27th

First and foremost would be Paris- it sounds somewhat cliche, but I’ve been taking French for about four years and I love it.

Next would be New York City, I have been to other major cities like Chicago but nothing measures up to NYC. I’m hoping my sister goes to college somewhere around there, it would be awesome to get to go visit her.

The next three would probably be London, Greece, and Ireland. London because I know someone who lived there for a couple years and they loved it, so I would like to visit there. Ireland because of family reasons, and while I wouldn’t like to go to Greece at the moment because of the issues they are having there, I would love to see the ancient monuments and sites there like the acropolis.